English SAO Light Novel Volume 01 is Released TODAY!

Today is the official release date for the first English light novel of SAO by Yen Press! Get your own copy at your local bookstore or online!

I highly recommend the fans of this series to read the original light novels. The original work is much better than its manga and anime adaptations. It has more in depth character development, better communication of emotions and game system explanations that the anime left out.

Why buying the light novels when you can just read free fan-translations online?

Having read the fan-translations myself in the past, I must say that the translators did an awesome job! However, there are some benefits in buying physical copies of the novel.

  • Having a physical copy of the book. Trust me, holding the actual book in your hands feel a lot better than having electronic copies stored in your computer.
  • Support the author & illustrator. You can properly support the author and illustrator of the series by purchasing their work!
  • Support the publishers for bringing Japanese light novel overseas. Buying currently available English light novels will show your support to the publishers for their work. This will encourage them to bring over more Japanese light novels!

One can also pre-order volume two and three of the light novels in the above mentioned websites.

Happy reading everyone!

Vote for SAO Award

Hey guys, you can now start voting for SAO Award! It is in Japanese but here’s the order of the sections:

Even though the website is in Japanese, you are free to leave English explanation for the choices you make! Sometimes there will be two blank boxes at the bottom of the page for you to fill out. The first one is usually asking you to specify your choice (I have indicated above on what needs to be specified) and the second box is to explain why you voted for the specific choice. If there’s only one box available, they are only asking for the explanation behind your pick. You can always use Google Translate to help you out. It’s really simple so you shouldn’t have any difficulties to vote.

Also, I recommend you to vote for each section individually. In other word, after you finish voting for let’s say, “Best Episode”, click submit. It will bring you to a page saying that your vote has been received or something along that line. You will have to click on the “Back” button to return to the voting page and select the second section “Best Male Character”. This is the only way that can ensure that all of your votes will go through!

It took me a while to vote, mainly because I was having difficulties choosing between many options that I like. I think this is harder than the multiple choices I am given in exams. Hahahaha

Happy voting everyone! I can’t wait to see the results!

April 20th — and with 24 notes

"Levels are just numbers. In this world, strength is an illusion."

In case some of you haven’t heard the news, the official SAO Twitter announced today that Aoi Eir will be singing the opening theme for Sword Art Online II! She was the one who sang the second opening theme during the first season titled “Innocence” as well as the theme song for Extra Edition called “Niji no Oto”.

Hey everyone,

Here are some more character concept arts for the upcoming SAOII! Click on the image for a bigger version. And let’s not forget to thank TUSF of the SAO Wikia for the wonderful scans!

The right side image shows Sinon’s GGO avatar concepts. I’m really like that angry face of hers. On the left side, we have the real world Kirito and Asuna concepts. They are wearing very nostalgic clothing. I cannot wait to watch their date in the anime because OTP!

Source: Dengeki Bunko Magazine Vol.37

Sword Art Online 14 — Alicization Uniting [Illustration Pictures]

Saving the most important post last (kind of)!!! The illustrations contain a lot of spoilers so for those who wish not to see… Do not click! You have been warned~

When I saw the illustrations, one thing was really clear in my mind: The happy cover page was a lie. Be mentally prepared, for the illustrations.

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Hello everyone!

Guess what? The Indigo bookstore where I pre-ordered the first English SAO light novel shipped the book two weeks earlier than it’s release date (April 22nd). I’m actually really happy about it. Although, I’ve got an exam tomorrow and I have yet to start studying… Putting the academic aside, I’ll just make a quick post about the English light novel. I haven’t read it and I doubt I’ll be reading it anytime soon as I’ve got exams until the 25th.

Without further ado, my quick overview about the first English SAO light novel under the cut. Oh and yes I did buy the manga as well. But I won’t be talking about it here since I don’t really prioritize it much (most of you already got it anyway).

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April 9th — and with 57 notes
Are you ready for Sword Art Online II?!

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