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Here are some more character concept arts for the upcoming SAOII! Click on the image for a bigger version. And let’s not forget to thank TUSF of the SAO Wikia for the wonderful scans!

The right side image shows Sinon’s GGO avatar concepts. I’m really like that angry face of hers. On the left side, we have the real world Kirito and Asuna concepts. They are wearing very nostalgic clothing. I cannot wait to watch their date in the anime because OTP!

Source: Dengeki Bunko Magazine Vol.37

Asuna Dakimakura Cover + Kirito Bedsheet Review

So after a really long wait… I finally got them on Thursday and had the opportunity to enjoy one night with them before going home this weekend. I will have more pictures under the cut. They are just pictures I posted on Twitter last night so nothing too new if you already saw me fangirl yesterday. While I’m at it, take not that some pictures might not be safe to view if you have strict parents spying on you from behind. LOL

Warning: More than 20 images under the cut so expect for a long post and loading time (depend on your Internet speed).

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Concerning Kirito’s Avatar in Phantom Bullet (GGO)

Alright, there seems to be a lot of misunderstanding concerning Kirito’s avatar during the 3rd arc Phantom Bullet. Rest assured, Kirito is still a guy. I don’t want to spoil too much, but long story short, the game Gun Gale Online randomly generated an avatar for Kirito. That avatar just happened to look like a girl (it is a really rare avatar type mind you). Kirito didn’t meant to look like that. He was rather shocked too since the result ended up the opposite of what he had in mind. So stop saying Kirito is a girl in GGO. He is not a girl… but a trap. Learn the difference. Thank you.

TL;DR = Kirito is still a guy in GGO.

Sword Art Online II — 2014 Activated.

Spriggan Kirito

Kirito Nendoroid - © Good Smile Company + Riding Horse
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Sword Art Online || Episode 02 «ビーター»
Sword Art On Air Volume - 03 
Sword Art Online || Episode 01 «剣の世界»