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This post really got delayed by a lot. Sorry! Aria in the Starless Night is pretty lengthy for a side story and took me time to re-read/refresh my memory. Episode two was amazing. Really action packed! However, they left out a lot of things. This is a given since anime adaptations cannot follow the original work word by word. I think they actually did a fine job condensing Aria in a single episode.  Come on, it wasn’t all that bad right? Anyway! This post will fill you in on things that were left out from the light novel! In order to make it easier, each of my paragraph will have a title that indicate its topic. This way, you will be able to read what interest you the most or skip information you want to avoid. Please be warned that this will be a ridiculously long post!

 Table of Contents:
- Kirito and Asuna’s Meeting
- Argo the Rat
- Kirito’s Anneal Blade +6
- Diabel and Kibaou
- Asuna’s Character
- Kirito and Asuna
- Explanation about the “Beater” scene
- SAO Facts
- Conclusion

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I would usually start with a first impression kind of thing. Seriously how am I supposed to do that for SAO? I waited a year for this anime…it can’t be possible for me not to be biased. So I’ll just say this: SAO is probably going to be the best anime of Summer 2012. I had high expectation for it and I think the episode was great. Good animation with nice effects, good art (my anxiety are all gone), great OST used and I enjoyed how they depicted MMORPG problems such as G.I.R.L., a crowd full of pretty avatar turning into normal looking people, etc. I just loved the first episode and hope that they will stick to the original work with only minor changes. May the future episodes be as good, I don’t want another Guilty Crown to happen (no offense to anyone).

Now moving on to the anime vs. novel comparison. I had to re-read the beginning of the first volume to remind myself of the details. It’s been months since I last re-read. Well without further ado here we go…

EDIT: New information added! While re-watching the episode I realized a big plot hole that they left out during Kayaba’s “tutorial”. (Updated July 10, 2012 - 3:45AM) The added paragraph will be bolded.

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I watched the first season and enjoyed it so why not watch the second season? As always the anime looks so childish but this time I won’t be decieved by the looks!

The anime starts with the hero Shinku bringing Nanami and Becky to the other world. The annual friendly war event is taking place (this time it is to celebrate the hero’s return) once again Shinku becomes the hero for Republic of Biscotti and Nanami joined as the hero of Galette Leo Army. I am glad to see more screen times of Nanami (Shinku’s rival) and Becky. From the first season, we learn that Nanami is a strong oponent or even better than Shinku since she won first place in that tournament back on Earth. I guess we can expect some good showdown (not forgetting about Gaul here). A new female heroine is introduced near the end of the episode. She appears to be the princess of the squirrel country and is younger than Leo-hime and Millhiore-hime. From the looks of it, she’s going to get Becky to become her hero and participate in the event as well. Overall, I am quite positive that Dog Days season 2 will entertain me just like its prequel.

The opening theme “Fearless Hero” by Mizuki Nana was good, I prefer this one better than the first season’s OP. The ending theme “Natsu no Yakusoku” by Horie Yui I can’t…I love her singing voice! I hope she will sing more concert as Millhiore again.

I did say all that but how should I put this…? Dog Days is not a bad show to hate but it’s not the kind of show that will earn a 8/10 from me. Most likely a 6~7/10? The rating can always change depending on the future episodes. In either case, it is more promissing than some other shows this season.

This one was actually good. The concept of switching soul with someone else. I found the scene of Iori and Taichi talking with the other three a bit confusing at first. I was just getting used to their names and the conversation went pretty fast that I had to pause a few times. Just in case you didn’t know, Kokoro Connect is also an adaptation from its light novel (we are getting a lot of LN adaptation this season). Generally it got my attention and the anime also had just enough comedy. The part when Taichi was touching his/Iori’s “b-word”. Also that girl who saw him

The opening theme “Paradigm” by Eufonius was good! I love the songs they do for anime…but I think this time around it didn’t have as much the same feeling compared to the other songs they did. I am not sure how to explain it but Paradigm felt a bit more light? Nonetheless it is still a good song, glad to see Eufonius back!

The ending theme “Kokoro no Naka” by Team.Nekokan [feat. Junca Amaoto] did not disappoint either. I really liked it, a bit more than the opening too. It has a sad touch to it which gradually fads bit by bit.

I was getting worried for this season’s anime quality (contents wise). At least I know there are still a few that will save my Summer! I am pleased with the first episode and will be looking forward to more soul switching around.

The anime adaptation of its light novel, though I haven’t read it but I heard it’s pretty good. Anyway my first comment about this anime is… Pretty good animation and effect. At least this anime has some worthy magic and fighting for the first episode (unlike Hagure Yuusha). I might be biased because I really like the seiyuu for this anime…especially HanaKana. The power of the main protagonist is quite interesting, being able to slay Gods and whatnot. I like how they are using real mythology God names. I read somewhere that they skipped a lot of chapters and changed some details from the novels. Even if I didn’t read the light novels, I still hope they don’t deviate too much.

Well I’ll be looking forward to more flashy fighting scenes!

Even though I am not a big fan of harems, this anime doesn’t annoy me as of now. I don’t find the art all that great…kind of preferred the one in the anime trailer (arts from the light novel) Nevermind that I was thinking about another anime. This is what happens when you watch 4 new anime on the same day. Anyway the art is fine.

First we have the male protagonist who is a normal guy except his the heir of an industrial magnate. Due to that, he dislikes it when people call him by his last name because it always reminds him of Mikadono group. His main reason for going to an academy attended by many girls is to find a life time partner before he graduates, a requirement needed to fully inherit the family’s legacy. I am very surprised how his mother is so supportive of this…even going as far as renting an apartment near the academy in order to facilitate this (avoiding dorm rules and restrictions). However that’s not all to this story, the main protagonist has a sister separated at birth and she attends the same school. This indeed adds some spice, not only does he have to find a girl he also have to figure out who is his sister. The female characters seem to make the first move. I am actually glad for this, the reason is I hate how all the romance in harems drag to an extend that irritates me. Hopefully this show will not be the same (seeing how the classical class rep is not that classical).

I wish I could read the light novel too… Anyway, I will be looking forward to see the romance and how he finds his sister. From the look of the first episode, this anime will have a lot of fanservice too. I don’t mind them as long as they don’t kill the show (I am watching UTW’s subs and it’s the censored version anyway). So yeah! This anime is friendly for all the imouto lovers out there~

This anime is an adaptation from an eroge game, I find the dialogues between the characters pretty solid and at times funny. The beginning of this episode got me interested with the spying of a secretive trade. Man I wonder who that driver was but I am glad that the girl didn’t die. It seems that one of the big theme of this anime may be politics. Seeing how it is smoothly integrated in a highschool setting can become this anime’s forte. The court looking room makes it the more obvious.

So we have all five heroines introduced (really stereotypical): a tsundere childhood friend, a gentle/motherly girl, a capable/popular girl, a gifted student and the silent+small girl. The male protagonist is the center of attention (that’s a given for all anime similar to this genre) but I am glad that his personality is likable. He also seems to be quite capable and dependent, thank god his not clumsy or wimpy.

As for the story, the student council president election may be the main focus of this anime. However, I am hoping that it adds some mystery solving concerning the incidents at the beginning of this episode. Additionally, I am looking for some romance & drama. I am not expecting something amazing but I think this can’t turn out too bad as long as they don’t kill it with fanservice… *sigh* It’s always the fanservice.

The OP “Signal Graph” by Annabel and the ED "Kaze no Naka no Primrose" by Ceui were pretty good. I am glad that Annabel is singing so many OP/ED songs recently (Another, Sankarea and this). As for Ceui, I only know her because she sang the OP of the eroge Aiyoku no Eustia which is still in one of my top songs (you should definitely look it up).

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