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mazume or togyuka

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「詩情豊かな空気」/「CiCi」のイラスト [pixiv]

I S S H U U K A N    F R I E N D S 

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I’m sad that they left out the Jötunheimr part of Fairy Dance, I liked that. Also that leads on to Kirito getting Excaliber so I wonder how they are gonna handle that (assuming they get around to more seasons of course)

Same! I really wanted to see that jellyfish elephant Tonkii! My guess is that if they are going to adapt Mother’s Rosario (because Kirito uses Excaliber in that volume), they will have to somehow pull a flashback showing the events before Leafa and Kirito reached Alne and meeting Tonkii. Then do the Caliber quest before adapting Mother’s Rosario. That would work…kind of? lol

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Am i the only one who liked Fairy Dance D:

I liked Fairy Dance! I don’t dislike any SAO light novels. lol It’s just that Fairy Dance is my least favourite. However, it does have better writing quality compared to the Aincrad arc. Writing quality as in, the way Kawahara communicates with the readers. Anyway, I liked Fairy Dance. I like Sugu, she’s best imouto. I love her relationship with TONKII.

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SAO has a special place in my heart since its the series that got me back in to anime and seeing people bash on it this much just urks me. ya know?

Yes of course! After all, I am such a SAO nerd so the hates annoy me very much. Nobody likes to see hate directed to something they like after all.

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