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In case some of you haven’t heard the news, the official SAO Twitter announced today that Aoi Eir will be singing the opening theme for Sword Art Online II! She was the one who sang the second opening theme during the first season titled “Innocence” as well as the theme song for Extra Edition called “Niji no Oto”.


Gorgeous Layouts/Keyframes from Studio Trigger’s red-hot series, Kill La Kill….

Hypnosis - Nichijou ep.24


Families are my favorite thing about this game. Animals are always a plus.


Hello!! So i just reached 1.5K, and in the past people have asked me if i was ever going to make a follow forever so here it is! I’ve always wanted to make one anyway so i’m pretty happy :>

Annyywaayyyy i’m really honored that i reached 1.5K! And i still get super happy when i get a new follower, so y’all are important, k’ay? EACH ONE OF YA.

But my followers might not even read this so i’m just going to stop haha anyway thank you to the people who i follow for having such amazing blogs! Without you guys, my blog would probably be pretty empty… since i would have no one to reblog from… yea…

So i’m not that good at editing, and i’m not very artistic, but i hope you guys like it! This list has most of the people i follow, and it’s in the order of when i followed them, but you can’t see it anyway so just go on my blogroll to see all these lovely people!

Here is a link to my blogroll!

so if you want, you can check out their blogs but mostly i wanted to


have a lovely day!

ALSO! i don’t know why it looks so low quality, tumblr made it kinda blurry but the feelings are HD

Thank you and congrats!

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Erwin Smith dakimakura is up for pre-order!

Order deadline: May 2nd 2014

Price: 55$ (peachskin)

3 choices of fabrics available: peachskin, polyester & 2way

Don’t hesitate to message me for further inquiries! 

Hey guys!

If you are a fan of SnK and love Erwin, check out the dakimakura cover my friend drew!

I’d rather go without eating and drinking for five days!!